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YFG Powder Surface Coating Machine

YFG Powder Surface Coating Machine

YFG series surface coating machine is a new-type particle surface coating machine developed by our company for decades, the machine use for powders disperse, surface coating and work continously. Especially suitable for surface coating of calcium carbonate, clay, graphite, talc, silica powders etc.
Feed Size:
800-2500 mesh
Production capacity:
Application field:
powders, such as calcium carbonate, graphite, talc, clay etc



YFG series surface coating machine is a new-type particle surface coating machine developed by our company for decades, the machine use for powders disperse, surface coating and work continously. Especially suitable for surface coating of calcium carbonate, clay, graphite, talc, silica powders etc.

Working Principle:

Feeding material enter into the machine, modifier is added through metering pump, material and modifier will fully mixed together when the modification machine is operating at high speed; and the heat, which is generated for the high speed movement of machine and material, will also help finish material coating at the same time finally, the finished products will be collected by the negative pressure collection system.

Process Flow Diagram:





Performance Features:


1,Each parts structure of main unit is compact, using the fricative heat which high-speed revolve by fix hammer,active hammer to get the coated working condition . No need to increase other energy consumption.


2,Continuous operation is possible, suitable for modern industrial production

 The ratio of powders and modifier is accurate measurement. Coated effect is good, high coated ratio.


3,Use metering screw conveyor, frequency conversion to adjust screw speed to guarantee conveyor stably.


,The add medicine system using electric heating, with temperature transmitter. Heating temperature can be set. Suitable for all kinds of solid coated medicament.


5,Double cyclone separator, high ratio of separation.


6, Pulse type bag deduster, high ratio of deduster, large filter area, no easy blocking.


7,Special air return system, high temperature in working process is good for powder coated.

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